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Working with us you can lift up your online presence and reputation over the web higher than ever. We have achieved excellence in implementing cost-effective and reliable SEO strategies for organic results. We can offer you all advantages of SEO including:

  • User-friendly website
  • Increased exposure to products/services
  • Increased leads and sales

In this present era, it is very much essential for your business to have a powerful global presence. When relevant customers search the internet for your products/services, they should be able to find your website easily. Our approach features -

  • Client consultation
  • Planning & Analysis
  • Research and Implementation


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Regular Client

They have been managing our Facebook ad campaigns for almost 2 years. And I must say they are doing a fantastic job, my sales have increased as per my expectations.

John Doe

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They are the best choice when it comes to constantly look for digital solutions that keep us ahead of our competitors. They implement the best possible solution which is required for the business.

Jane Pearson

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Hiring them was a significant asset to any organisation. They have been managing our SEO services for almost 4 years now and provided us with tremendous results. Thank you! Much satisfied.

Frequently Asked Questions

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is basically the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

Yes, we do. We will give a complete analysis for your website and will suggest what is required to implement thereon the website for better and improved rankings.

Traffic from SEO results is considered better than the paid media. It is a return on the investment process. Out of millions of website present, SEO will be the determining factor to rank your website.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is an organic process to increase the visibility of your website for both the users and search engines. With the help of SEO, your website quality will improve and will be easily visible on search engines.

Both these processes are equally important for website growth and success. SEO is important to establish domain authority, organic brand traffic, and create an online presence without paid service. And PPC is important to target prospect users by demographic, interests, behaviours, or keywords.

Yes, SEO plays an important role to promote your website to reach to the right audience to sell your products or services. And for the long term, it is never waste and act as a return on investment.

None of the users will know your website exists unless it is will be visible on SERP. You can start getting profits if your website lies among the top 10 results i:e the first page of search engine. You can do it yourself if you have sufficient knowledge of SEO or hire an SEO firm to do it for you for a fee.

There are various tools available for free or paid for keyword research. You can use Google keyword planner and look for the related search term to generate potential keywords which you think people will look for or on which you want your website to appear. You can use keywords with certain search volumes to generate the most traffic to your site. You can even look for your competitor website to analyze the potential keywords.

Yes, for sure! Each piece of content on your website plays a vital role and gives an opportunity to rank your targeted keywords. The more high quality and relevant blog you create, the more organic result you will get.

You can or you can even hire an SEO expert. If you are investing in SEO services, watch just the ranking improves gradually. Analyze your web pages. But if don’t have enough knowledge of Seo, it’s better to hire an SEO company. They will do all the activities properly for you for a fee.

Link building is the process of creating SEO Backlinks. The quality and number of backlinks pointing to a page are called backlinks and it is an important factor in determining that page’s rank. It acts as a vote of confidence from one site to another. The more quality backlinks your page gets, the more valuable your website becomes in the eyes of the search engine, and your website gets more likely for high ranking in SERP.

Link equity is also known as the link juice. It is the amount of clout or credibility a link transfers from one page to another. The amount of link equity a link carries is determined by several factors like the links from relevant content, from authoritative sites, etc.

Anchor text is the clickable text in a hyperlink. It is also called Exact match anchor text. It informs the bot and users about the topic of the linked-to page. Exact match anchor text is more valuable than non-exact-match anchor text, but using too many exact match anchor texts can appear spammy and can negatively impact a page.

On-page and off-page are the two popular techniques used. Offpage includes link building. Apart from these Site audit, updating pages for relevancy and keyword research is the basic and integral part.

SEO Expert Shop offers you monthly report including the work done by the team and the keyword rankings.

Our approach to SEO includes competitive analysis, keyword research and increase your site’s relevance for user as well as search engines perspective by adding significant amounts of content to your site, establishing high-quality backlinks, implementing blogs and other on-page and off-page activities. Exactly our approach also depend upon which service you choose, your budget and your goals

SEO Expert Shop has assisted thousands of companies in achieving their goals through effective SEO strategies. Whether you want to increase your sales, generate more leads, increase your website’s online visibility, we are here to help you take full advantage of the internet.

It depends. But keep in mind that SEO is a long term strategy and not a quick process. If you target long-tail keywords, you can see results and improved rankings pretty fast. If you’re after more competitive keywords, prepare yourself to wait for at least three to six months.

No, we only practice White Hat techniques. Using Black Hat techniques is restricted by Google and are considered spamming as it doesn’t follow the Google guidelines. Using Black Hat techniques can even penalise your website.

Yes, definitely. Google gives more preferences to the secure website and HTTPS is essentially more secure than HTTP. Not only does google indexes HTTPS pages first, but it also recognizes HTTPS as a ranking signal. HTTPS is also faster than HTTP, which will impact the page loading speed and can also affect the click-through rate. So enabling HTTPS should positively impact your rankings!

Robots.txt is a file within your website’s root directory that instructs search engines how to crawl your webpages.

If your site targets more than one country, search engines need a little help to understand which countries or language you’re trying to focus or reach. If you help google by using hreflang tag, it can show people the right website for their area in the search results

An XML sitemap lists all the pages of the website. It serves as the roadmap of your site for search engine. By implementing the sitemap, you make sure that the search engine won’t miss out the essential contents of your site. However, if the interlinking is done properly, a sitemap is not required but having one will not harm.

Structured data helps search engines understand your website, and your business better. It tells the search engine which service you offer or products you sell. Implementing structured data can bring a better understanding of the website by search engines. It also makes your content and webpages eligible for rich results.

Not having a canonical tag will lead to duplicate content issues without even knowing it. For a visitor, it hardly makes any difference, but for a search engine, it does. So implementing a canonical link indicates which is the original page.

Search engines use bots/robots/spider to crawl your website. These bots follow the links present on your site to discover content on your site. A great internal linking structure will make sure that they’ll understand what the most important content on your site is.

Mostly practising the black hat techniques can get a website penalized or even banned from the search engines. Some of these practices include masking text, cloaking pages, Keyword stuffing, and creating link farms to artificially increase a site’s backlinks.

Yes, buying and selling links is highly prohibited and is considered an attempt to manipulate the rankings, and Google never suggests this practice.

Yes, true SEO ranking takes time but results are long-lasting. It depends completely on keyword selection and competition. Once search engines start trusting on your website, your website gets ranking steadily. Traffic will grow day by day giving more profits.

Even if you create and leave the backlinks it will slowly get indexed by the search engine but for faster indexing, you can use ping the page after you leave a backlink

LSI stands for latent semantic indexing. This refers to different keywords that have the same or similar meanings or words that are otherwise related to each other.

Cloaking refers to showing one page to a search engine and a different page to humans. Doorway pages are also similar are optimized pages that pull in the traffic, but all the traffic is immediately redirected to a different page. Google and other search engines do NOT like these practices.

A good keyword is one that your target audience is searching for regularly. An even better keyword is one that’s not only regularly searched, but also has less competition in the search engines. That means you have a good chance of ranking well in SERP.

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